Chess How to Secure a Job After Graduation

  For thousands of young people, graduating with a degree is a huge milestone in their lives that brings the prospect of a long, fulfilling career doing something they love. However, with so many people looking to find a job after graduating, it can be difficult

Chess President Rumen Radev’s Visit to Austria Continues

The head of state is in Vienna at the invitation of his colleague Alexander Van der Bellen. Topics to discuss are the future of Europe, regional cooperation in the Danube region, the potential for enhancing bilateral economic exchanges, as well as migration and se

Chess The UN Security Council will Discuss North Korea’s Tests

The UN Security Council will hold a closed-door consultation on Tuesday over North Korean ballistic missile tests. Missile launches are in violation of UN sanctions. At the same time, a delegation from North Korea arrived in Stockholm for talks with US representat

Chess A Picture of Banksy Was Sold For a Record Amount of Money

A painting called ‘Devolved Parliament’  by anonymous artist Banksy was sold for a record $ 12 million. She portrays the British Parliament with chimpanzees instead of politicians. The painting was auctioned after a 13-minute bid between 10 buyer candidates a

Chess Code Orange Warning of Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms in Place For Eight Bulgarian Regions

A Code Orange warning of heavy rain and thunderstorms has been issued for eight Bulgarian regions for October 4, according to the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) . The warning is in place for the regions of Kardzhali, Haskovo

Chess Why is nobody buying the copper needed for a greener world?

Recycling old metal does not do the job because the green economy is more metal intensive

Chess 5 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Do you sometimes feel like an imposter in your business life? Like you are acting as if you are authentic and confident but not necessarily feeling it? There you are tapped for a promotion, being acknowledged and recognized for your work and accomplishments and ye

Chess Can You Use a Business Bank Account for Personal Use?

A reader asks: Recently I was hired as a bookkeeper for a small manufacturing business. My boss, the owner, uses the business bank account for personal use — and it’s driving me crazy!  He withdraws money with a debit card for personal expenses. L

Chess Linde invests in UK hydrogen machine manufacturer

Group’s move is sign of companies gearing up for potential boom in ‘clean’ gas

Chess Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov: Bulgaria Did Everything it Could and Beyond To Attract Volkswagen

Bulgaria has the potential to build between 7 and 10 new industrial zones like the one in Plovdiv, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev said during the 4th edition of Bulgaria's largest economic forum –“Industry 4.0”. According to him, it was important to e

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