Chess Rome Is Facing a Serious Problem with its Waste – Risk of Diseases

Rome is once again facing a serious problem with its waste. Doctors warn that the situation is getting so bad that it threatens the public health, BTA reported. Local and national media have put the issue on its front pages. On Thursday, Messaggero newspaper was h

Chess Sofia Will Host an European Jazz Conference

Sofia will host the one-of-a-kind European Jazz Conference. The event will take place from September 10 to September 13, 2020 at the National Palace of Culture, co-organizers of the Bulgarian A to Z Foundation announced, quoted by BTA. More than 400 jazz actors, o

Chess Eco-Activists Sprayed the British Treasury with Fake Blood

Eco-activists used a fire truck to spray the British Treasury's facade with red paint in an effort to draw attention to the government's failure to prevent a looming climate cataclysm, Reuters reported. Then, four activists stood on the roof of a fire truck bearin

Chess Individual EU Countries Can Now Force Social Platforms Like Facebook to Remove Defamatory Content

National courts in Europe can now sanction online platforms by ordering the removal of defamatory content around the world. The European Court of Justice has come up with such a decision today in a case brought by a former Austrian politician. Eva Glawischnig-Piesc

Chess The Drilling of the Longest Tunnel in Bulgaria Has Begun

The drilling of the longest tunnel in Bulgaria - “Zheleznitsa” has begun. The 2,2 km long tunnel is  is part of LOT 3.1. on the Struma Highway an will be located near Simitli. The auction for its drilling was won by ZZD AM Struma Tunnel 2018, which includes th

Chess Bulgaria – The Largest Producer of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants and Spices in the EU

For the ninth consecutive year, Bulgaria ranks first among EU countries in the production of herbs and spices. According to Eurostat, in 2018, just over 71,000 tonnes of aromatic and medicinal plants and spices were grown in the country. Bulgaria has almost twice

Chess Crime Group Involved in Property Fraud and Extortion of Elderly People Dismantled Today

There have been three cases and three attempts at property fraud through extortion of elderly people, Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev told a press briefing on today’s police raid in Orlandovtsi quarter, a Focus News Agency reporter said. "What we will ex

Chess Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus Launch Joint Initiative For Migrants in the Eastern Mediterranean

Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria have decided to launch a joint initiative for migrants in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Ministry of Citizens Protection announced in a press release. The initiative will be presented to the Council of Ministers of Justice and Home

Chess The Green Card Lottery Has Started!

Registration for the 2021 Immigrant Stream Diversity (DV) program, known as the Green Card Lottery, began yesterday, according to the US Embassy. The program's electronic system will be open for registrations at 12 noon (EDT) on October 2nd (7pm Bulgarian Time) an

Chess Seven New Social Services For Disadvantaged People Will be Introduced on the Territory of Sofia Municipality

Seven new social services will be introduced on the territory of Sofia Municipality through two projects funded under OP "Regions for Growth". The aim is to create the right conditions and support for children and young people by providing a modern and efficient so

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