From June 8, smoking will be banned in 52 Paris parks, squares and city gardens. The decision comes a year after the same ban was imposed in several central and suburban districts of the French capital.

The aim of the ban on certain beaches in Marseilles is to reduce the use of tobacco products in places visited by families and young people, as well as to reduce environmental pollution. The new restrictions cover about 10 percent of the green areas in the French capital.

If you are smoking in the park, the fine will be € 8. Exceptions remain the largest and central parks in Paris, which are used for picnics and other entertainment in the summer.

Albert Hirsch – Pulmologist: The high cost of tobacco products, the lack of advertising and the ban on smoking in public places will inevitably lead to a marked reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Since 2016, the number of smokers in France has decreased by 1.6 million.

The World Health Organization has condemned a campaign by a US concern to shift the smoke-free message to “Smokeless Day” in favor of its own technology products.