President Rumen Radev continues to rely that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will reach an agreement on the easing of sanctions against Russia and, according to him, this will be the determining factor regarding the stance of Bulgaria and the EU on this issue.

In an interview for Euronews, taken on January 28, when asked the question: “Will there be a vote in the EU for extending the sanctions in July – will Bulgaria vote against this extension,” Radev replied:

“There is a lot of time until July. The situation is changing literally every day. Let’s imagine an interesting situation. When the administration of President Trump and the administration of President Putin reach an agreement to improve dialogue, trust increases and the confrontation lessens via the prism of sanctions, how will Europe react?”

Before answering this question and in response to the statement “you are a defender of the easing of sanctions and the lessening of tension with Russia,” Radev replied:

“Yes, I am adamant that the sanctions do not bring clear benefits – rather, they injure the economy of Russia and the European Union.”