Prisons received money to appoint 134 new staff, and the CourtĀ Guards – for additional staff of 66 people. This was decided by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. The aim is to secure the functions assigned to them by law, and the increase is provided in the budget of the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry has three months to appoint new people.

The problem is that prisons and judicial guards need a total of 1,300 additional staff, that is, nearly six times and a half more than those who will be appointed. That explains the correspondent Deputy Minister of Justice Nikolay Prodanov in an interview with Mediapool.

The Chief Execution of Penalties Directorate is one of the most important departments of the Ministry of Justice. It is responsible for securing prisons and prison hostels, but salaries are too low and employees are unwilling to work in these conditions. Low wages also lead to huge corruption.

The General Directorate of Judicial Security is also a large structure for the justice ministry. It is responsible for guarding the court buildings and convoying convicted criminals and arrestors.