The road linking the towns of Aytos and Karnobat in Southern Bulgaria has been reopened to traffic, authorities say.

All vehicles stranded along the road, which was the busiest route between Karnobat and the Black Sea city of Burgas before the launching of Trakia motorway, have been pulled out by specialized equipment.

However, movement from Aytos and Burgas remains difficult as I-6 road, between Petolachkata hub and Burgas, is still sealed off by police, the Road Infrastructure Agency says.

Trakia motorway itself remains closed to traffic in the section between Zimnitsa transportation hub and Burgas, after chain crashes paralyzed traffic on Friday afternon.

Bypass routes are available via Yambol and Sredets (II-53), as well as II-79 – Elhovo, Sredets – Burgas.

More information is available via LIMA, the agency’s free-of-charge mobile application,¬†or by phone (0700 130 20).