Branding may be the key component in small business. How you grow and leverage your business has everything to do with how you present it to the world. In small business, this branding is also personal since the entrepreneur is often intimately linked to the business. In our roundup for Small Business Trends for April 30, 2010, we look at how branding works and share some other key resources for running and taking your business to the next level. Enjoy.

New and improved with more lying? How bad habits and performance can brand your business and your work as easily as good ones. Personal Branding Blog

Branding your small business like the big boys. Sure, we all know small businesses can be better than big ones (more agile, creative, responsive) but professionalism is one place you still may want to look big time. Small Business Branding

Why great branding sometimes requires breaking the rules. By definition, doing the same thing everyone else does the same way they do it is no way to stand out, either for your business or yourself. Copyblogger

Branding and selling your Website. Have you ever thought of your Website as more than just a marketing tool? Watch the interview with Yaro Starak for a whole new way to look at your Web presence. Entrepreneurs-Journey


It’s not all bad news…exactly. Are you eligible for the new health-reform tax credit? Unfortunately, there are PLENTY of hurtles to jump first. WSJ

We could have told you that. According to a survey, 66 percent of Americans say cutting taxes would create more jobs than increasing government spending. Rasmussen Report

No more choice. Whether covering your employees or yourself as a sole proprietor, the new health-reform rules mean the decision for the kind and quality of care is no longer in your hands. National Review Online


Short on money to start or expand your franchise? While help is available beyond traditional lending, the terms may be strict. WSJ

Why doesn’t franchise consultant Joel Libava own a franchise himself? And how do you decide whether franchising is right for you? Watch Joel’s video and have a look at his online resources to make up your mind. The Franchise King


Are you too nice a boss? One of the hardest things small business owners may need to learn is how to address serious problems early. WSJ

What’s the key to success in small business? Is it financial backing, lots of past business experience, a great idea? Jack has one word for you: perseverance. Small Biz Stories


Google small business listing returns. The search engine giant revamps a listing feature which now gives small business a chance for “more attention” online. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

E-mail tip for marketing month. With May dubbed “Marketing Month” by one major online retailer, here’s a tip for improving your mobile marketing efforts to improve online sales. The Lunch Pail

The honeymoon is over. One of the chief proponents of social media marketing says it’s time to fall out of love with Facebook/Twitter/etc. Here’s what he wants you to do instead. Shane Gibson


Why do we join business groups? Business owner Jay Goltz writes about his failed attempts at finding what he was looking for when joining a variety of groups. What would your expectations be? You’re The Boss

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