The Fraud Squad, the National Police and Sofia Police Department have broken up a phone fraud that has been going on for almost a month, said the press office of the Ministry of the Interior. The victim was a 71-year-old man from Sofia, who, in the period from 8 to 10 January, handed more than BGN 100,000 in total over to the scammers, leaving the money in the area of the Transport Hospital. On 23 January, the scam went on – the fraudsters persuaded him to sell a property and hand them the money, which was supposed to take place on 30 January. On that day, two couriers – a man, 61, with a criminal record and his daughter, 33, were arrested. During the operation, the police found and seized the money, mobile phones and SIM cards. Pre-trial proceedings were instituted against the two suspects. 
In another special police operation on 28 January, officers of the National Police and the 7th District Sofia Police Station solved another phone fraud against an elderly woman from Sofia. A 30-year-old man was arrested right after taking BGN 1,400. The money and other items related to the crime were seized. Police also found that he participated in another fraud committed on 9 August 2018 in Sofia for the amount of BGN 4,000. He is also being investigated for his possible involvement in other phone scams carried out between August 2018 and January 2019. 
The investigation of both cases will continue under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office.