The construction of the third metro line in the Bulgarian capital Sofia is on track, according to the office of Mayor Yordanka Fandakova. She announced, the first 8 kilometers would be opened in the fall of 2019. An additional 4 kilometers will follow in 2020.

Sofia’s new line will connect the north-eastern part of Sofia to the city center and the Ovcha Kupel district in the south-west. It will decrease emissions by 11 tons per year. In this capital, where the breathing air in winter is so bad that it literally kills, any possible steps to improve things need to be taken.

The first metro train for the third line is already in Sofia. It was manufactured by the German giant Siemens. Within a month, two more trains are expected. Mayor Fandakova inspected the train today. It has modern features such as automated acceleration and breaking.

She said the new metro line would have partition walls on the station’s platforms. This is the Russian approach. It is supposed to increase safety for passengers.

The tunnel for the new metro line is being dug by a huge machine, which has been eating its way through the earth and mud below Sofia for years, at a speed of 15 to 20 meters per day. Some 3 kilometers of tunnel are ready right now.

Sofia is relying on financial support from the European Union, since the price tag is astronomical. The metro is Sofia’s most modern and fastest means of transport.

In the past few years, Sofia Municipality has been working on modernizing the bus and tram fleets, which is an ongoing process. Up to 20 electric buses will transport passengers in Sofia soon. More Eco buses were ordered as well.

Source: Magazine79, Imanuel Marcus