The investigation of the serious crash between a freight train and a bus with workers in Simeonovgrad continues.
Yesterday afternoon a freight train hit a bus with passengers on an unguarded railway crossing in Simeonovgrad. Five people were injured, with no danger to their lives. A freighter moving at very low speed crashed into a bus with workers from the Maritza East 3 TPP, they were returning to Harmanli.

50-year-old Dragomir Dimitrov, who was injured, told Darik that he thought the driver of the bus got confused. “I could not figure out what was going on, and we usually do not go through that way.” He hit the train and rolled us to one side, “the train stopped,” the man said.
BDZ explained that the freight train was running at a speed of 20-25 kilometers per hour while the maximum allowed is 40km per hour, because visibility is extremely limited in the area where the crash occurred.