Media Consumption 2011 InfographicWe keep trying to figure out the next big marketing wave so that we can ride it first. But there’s a lot of benefit in maximizing what’s here now.

In the Media Consumption 2011 Infographic, Ad Age, Magid Generational Strategies and MBA Online present an hour-by-hour look at media habits based on age. And four things quickly caught my eye.

RADIO:  The Early Morning Commute

From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., radio is the number-one media outlet, with Generation X consuming the most radio, followed closely by the Baby Boomers.  This lets me know that the morning commute could yield a captive audience and a smart marketing choice depending on the product.

TELEVISION:  A Distracted Captive Audience

In the evening, television is the number-one media outlet. From 5 p.m. till bedtime we are in front of that tube, with Baby Boomers racking up the most time, followed closely by Generation X (age 30 to 46). If you are going to advertise on local TV stations, there’s no reason to run your ad until everyone is home to see it.

But keep in mind that this a distracted captive audience that may be multitasking their media engagement.

In fact, the study says percentages in each section do not add to 100, since members of each generation may use more than one media type during that time slot. You know the deal — searching the Internet while watching television or texting on your phone.

INTERNET:  Engagement With The Internet Is  Steady

Online engagement in various forms (news, entertainment, social media) shows up in the top three activities throughout the day for Baby Boomers, Generation X and Adult Millennials. The Internet is a smart marketing option with a learning curve.

But the fact that it gets our steady attention throughout the day says that online positioning matters.

PRINT: What’s Happening With the Newspaper?

The newspaper ranks much higher among Baby Boomers than any other group. That’s good to know, because if you want to get the attention of a Millennial, then a newspaper ad is probably not the best choice. But if you’re going for his grandparents, it could be a great way to get their attention.

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