Five kilometers from the third subway line are expected to be completed in 2019, according to the financial statement of Sofia Municipality. Mayor Yordanka Fandakova presented the draft budget of the Municipality, which plans to repair part of Bulgaria Boulevard and other major road links. The tax for two thirds of the cars registered in Sofia will jump because of changes in the national tax legislation. The municipality plans to build or renovate 15 kindergartens, reports Darik. 

A little over a billion and a half will have the Sofia Municipality in 2019, shows the draft budget of the administration. About 550 million will go to transport, and those are the priory repairs, explains Mayor Yordanka Fandakova:

“The extension of” Filip Kutev “Street, the last section of Montevideo Blvd at the new metro station, the southern canvas of” Todor Kableshkov “Blvd. from Bulgaria Blvd. to” Kostenski Vodopad “Str.,” Dr. Peter Dertliev “. I sincerely hope we can make connections with the North Speed ??Tangent. At the end are the founding procedures for the eastern tangent, the section to Vladimir Vazov Blvd., First Bulgarian Army Street, President Lincoln Blvd. in Ovcha Kupel, Narodno Horo Str. Also in Ovcha Kupel, , Jitnitsa Str. The reconstruction of “Skobelev” Blvd. and the transport tunnel of the National Palace of Culture, major overhaul on Kukush Street and others, explained Fandakova.

Metro from “Krasno Selo” to “Patriarch Evtimi” should be ready byl the end of 2019, it became clear from the words of Yordanka Fandakova. Another 19 million will be invested in the construction and repair of kindergartens:

“We are going to start building a kindergarten in” Manastirski livadi “and” Iztok “and we will continue to build the kindergarten in” Krastova vada “district, which is to build a kindergarten in Novi Iskar, two buildings in Studentski grad, in Ovcha Kupel, in Gorna Banya we plan new kindergartens, as well as in Poduene Reconstruction and extension of kindergartens along with the construction of gymnasiums are planned in the area of ??Iskar, Krasno selo, Pavlovo “,” Knyazhevo “,” Lyulin “and” Izgrev “, the mayor also emphasized.

Tax revenues remain at 2018 levels as tax increases for 2/3 of cars registered in the capital will be offset by tax cuts for the remaining one-third, as estimated by the municipality.