The Bulgarian Government has appointed an interdepartmental commission to determine the criteria for classifying dams according to the degree of potential danger. It will have 14 days to develop the classifier of water basins according to how much they threaten the population, the Council of Ministers decided at its meeting on Wednesday.

According to the latest amendments to the Water Act, dams must be divided into three groups of potential danger – first high level of potential danger, second significant degree of potential danger and third low level of potential danger.

The Commission includes representatives of the Ministries of Environment, Regional Development, Agriculture, Energy, the Economy, the Interior, as well as the scientific community directly concerned with the dam walls and their facilities.

According to the legal changes, the care of the dams was granted to the Ministry of Economy, as the municipalities were given the time to give up their water basins, which they could not manage, for the benefit of the state-owned company, the State Consolidation Company maintenance of dams. In the summer, the government lent 500 million leva to the consolidation company for urgent dam repairs with severe problems. Doubts, however, are that the SCC could spend this amount in non-transparent manner and pick just certain firms.