The fire in the area of ??the US city of Los Angeles continues to grow. Large forest area is on fire and only 5% of it is under control, according to data of the fire service. There is an evacuation order for about 200,000 people. There is no data on victims, reports BNT. 

Among the most endangered places is the rich suburb of Los Angeles – Bel Air, where very popular personalities have mansions. Because of the strong wind the flames spread very quickly. At times the gusts reach 40 km / h. High temperatures further hamper the work of firefighters. There is data about 4 burnt out buildings, as damage was done by to least 10. The wine cellar of the media magnate Rupert Murdoch was burned out.

Only in Ventura about 150 houses have been partially burned. People do not have electricity either. In the extinguishing of the flames in the city itself and the surrounding area are involved about 1000 firefighters. They help hundreds of fire trucks. And even in the early hours of the day airplanes and helicopters spray water to the most threatened places.

There are also large outbreaks on several key highways in California, making it difficult not only to move but work for the fire teams. Because of the thick and steamy smoke in the area schools and museums are closed, the shooting of several TV series are suspended.