The social video platform Vine has unexpectedly ended this year after its owner Twitter shutted it down. The 6-second format turned out to be suitable for a whole new subculture of weird and crazy performances with one’s own identity. And now we are likely to see it again, reports kaldata. 

Vine Co-Founder Dom Hoffman published a minimalist V2 logo on his Twitter profile in the typical font and color for the platform. In other words, expect Vine 2.0 in a new format.

With this, Hoffmann will obviously keep the promise of working on a successor to Vine, which he recently gave. It is not yet clear whether the other two co-founders of the platform will join the initiative. After the closing of Vine Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll created the application HQ Trivia, which achieved its own success. Currently, they are looking for a new USD 80 million investment and are preparing a version of the Android app.