63-year-old man was killed in the region of Razgrad – Dyankovo ??village. This was announced by the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior-Razgrad.
Around 21.40 yesterday, tel.112 received a signal of a traffic accident after the railway crossing of the Razgrad – Dyankovo ??village. Initially, a car patrol team arrived at the site, observing a Dacia Logan taxi-registered car that was out of the way.

In the forest, about 8 meters from the car, a man’s body was discovered. Investigation and screening of a crime scene by a Criminal Police staff and a forensic surgeon were taken. It was found to be murder.
The body is with two pierced knife wounds in the neck area is shown to be the taxi driver. Subsequently identified – a 63-year-old man from Razgrad who, according to the owner of the car, was driving the car as a taxi driver.

Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated. Investigation of the serious crime continues. The causes of the serious incident are in the process of being clarified and a possible perpetrator is sought.