The Riyadh Prosecutor’s Office said that for the first time they wanted to hire Saudi women to work at a time when Saudi Arabia is seeking to favor women’s employment as part of a plan for economic and social reform.

“There are available positions for women in the prosecution service as lieutenant-investigator,” the Prosecutor General’s office said.

The announcement fits into the Prince of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 reform program, which is set to make women close to one-third of the labor-intensive population to the current 22 percent.

Immigration services have recently announced that they have received 107,000 applications for 140 women seats at airports and border crossings.

King Salman last year allowed women to drive from June, and last month Saudi Arabia for the first time allowed women to attend football matches.

Saudis, however, still need permission from a male relative – usually a father, spouse or brother – to follow, travel, and perform a number of other activities.