US Secretary of Health and Public Services Thomas Price quit today the US administration after a scandal in connection with his private-plane travel that he paid for with state funds.

“The Minister of Health and Public Services, Thomas Price, resigned and it was accepted by the president,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, who also said that Price’s position would be temporarily taken over by his deputy, Don Wright.

Last week the Health Inspector General, Daniel Levinsson, launched an investigation into a charge for appropriating state funds after Politiko revealed that from May until now, the Minister had flown 26 times with private or military aircraft.

According to the magazine, just in June, Price has made a charter flight from Washington to Nashville, Tennessee for USD 17,760. He spent six hours there, where he had made two official events and had lunch with his son by paying the bill again with state money. A few months later, in September, the orthopedic surgeon spent a total of USD 60,000 in state money for four days for private flights, even though he had the opportunity to take public air transport.

In addition to private planes, Price has used USD 500,000 for his overseas trips with US Air Force airplanes. So, in less than a year, the minister’s pleasure cost more than a million dollars to US taxpayers, including benefits for¬†Price’s family, friends and ex-colleagues.

On Thursday, Price promised to re-allocate the state budget and not use more charter flights even for official purposes.