A train hit a bus with passengers on an unguarded railway in Simeonovgrad.

A report on the incident was received at 17.04 yesterday, reported by the Ministry of Interior Directorate – Haskovo.

Five people were injured.

Three of the victims are in the hospital in Harmanli, they have superficial injuries.

Two of the wounded are accommodated in a hospital in Haskovo. Their condition is stable and there is no danger to their lives. One of them is with scratches and the other one with a thoracic-abdominal injury said the executive director of the medical institution Dr. Georgi Gelov. He added that the two would remain for surveillance and probably tomorrow they can go home.

Workers who have traveled on the bus are employees of Maritza East.

The train was moving at a low speed. The slow movement has prevented greater damage and possible casualties said the Director of the Directorate of the Ministry of Interior – Haskovo Commissioner Angel Tsankov.

Mayor of Simeonovgrad Milena Rangelova reported eyewitnesses according to which the train and the bus have been moving for some time in parallel. In Rangelova’s words, the train had given warning signals several times before the bus collapsed across the crossing and was hit.