Parts of the Trakia motorway area that had been sealed off for almost 24 hours were reopened on Saturday afternoon, the Road Infrastructure Agency has said.

Traffic was restored in direction from Zimnitsa transportation hub to the Black Sea city of Burgas, but with snow plows moving in front of the vehicles and with the presence of police vehicles along the motorway. The closure of Zimnitsa had blocked the way for those trying to reach Burgas from Sofia or from some venues in southern Bulgaria.

Authorities also reopened the section previously closed at Karnobat traffic hub en route to Sofia.

Earlier, the road between Karnobat and Aytos, used as a bypass route alternative to Trakia motorway but closed after the chain crash on Trakia, was briefly relaunched.

Since Friday evening, hundreds of passengers and drivers have experienced difficulties reaching Burgas and other parts of the Black Sea via Trakia or the bypass route, with chain crashes along Trakia and a blockade caused by a stranded TIR truck on the bypass road.