Foreign Office Minister urges India and Pakistan to de-escalate tension in region, The Hindu reports. 

The British government has expressed its deep concern about “rising tensions” between India and Pakistan, and called for urgent restraint from both sides and “diplomatic solutions,” but has steered clear from coming down on one side or the other or to play an intermediary role on the wider Kashmir issue, as it acknowledged the need to deal with “underlying” issues,” particularly with regards to that region. 

Foreign Office Minister Mark Field noted that India was entering a “pre-election” period and that remained a “factor of concern.” 
“That is one of the reasons we want to see a de-escalation at the earliest possible opportunity,” Mr. Field said during a question and answer session in the House of Commons on Wednesday. 

He also said that he would express concerns about the safety of Kashmiri people based across India who had faced violence and threats since the attack.

“I am happy to express those direct concerns when I speak with the High Commissioner,” Mr. Field said. The Minister urged for dialogue and for the two countries to find “diplomatic solutions.”

The opposition Labour Party’s shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said that while India had been absolutely right to take action against the terrorist group and to urge Pakistan to do the same, long-standing human rights concerns also had to be dealt with.