In the last day, three regions in the country are struck by hail – Nova Zagora, Stara Zagora and Karlovo, announced the new Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva.

“Unfortunately, the next week’s weather forecasts are similar: Of these three areas, two of them have no anti-flood protection coverage from the Hail Agency, the damage there is considerable, but one of them has anti-flood protection and hail damage is significantly smaller in size as the impact strength is reduced and the hail becomes smaller, “she said.

Taneva pointed out that there are state aids if the areas have fallen to 100 percent. Areas are currently being surveyed, but producers are expected to submit claims for benefits.

The Minister pointed out that¬† the construction of new rocket launching sites continues. “We hope that these additional facilities will be able to strengthen protection and reduce the damage caused by hailstorms,” ??the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry explained.

Minister Taneva, who was on a visit to the village of Pristo in Shumen, said that nearly BGN 1.8 million had been paid to tobacco producers under the de minimis scheme for compensation for surrendered and unpaid output from previous years. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forest Desislava Taneva who, together with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, met with tobacco growers in the village of Pristoe in Shumen

Taneva reminded that a budget of BGN 3.2 million was voted by the Management Board of the State Fund Agriculture after a meeting of tobacco producers with the Prime Minister.

Of the 3.2 million leva voted aid, nearly 1.5 million have already been paid. Of the 808 applications, nearly 350 have already been paid. What is not paid at this time is with feedback on the addition of the documents to be given and the completion of the payment. I hope that in the beginning of June everything will be a fact – it depends on you, she said.