Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and founder, has tried to be as emphatic as possible to put an end to rumors the company is building a mobile phone.

“We’re not going to build a phone. It’s not the right strategy for us to build one integrated system… Let’s say we sell 10 million units – that would be 1 per cent of users. Who cares for us?”, Zuckerberg said after Facebook released a┬ávery strong fourth-quarter earnings report.

“We have a billion people using our products and we need to make Facebook really good across all the devices that they use.”

“Rather than just building an app that’s a version of the functionality that you have today, I think making it so that we can just go deeper and deeper is going to be a big focus for us,” Zuckerberg disclosed.

But in his words that doesn’t mean Facebook is not “a mobile company” – for the first time ever more people are using Facebook from mobile devices than on the web.