Chess Tens of Thousands Protest in Paris against a New In Vitro Fertilization Law

Tens of thousands protested in Paris against a new law on in vitro fertilization. It will give women under the age of 43 access to state-funded procedures, regardless of their marital status and sexual orientation. Currently, only heterosexual couples have access t

Chess Report Data: In 10 Years, 250,000 Million Children Will Suffer from Obesity

Obesity is undoubtedly the plague of our generation. While one-third of the world is struggling with hunger, the other one-third is overweight. The increasing number of obese patients puts the world at great risk, but the childhood obesity is even more troubling.

Chess 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Registered in Chile

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale shook northeastern Chile near the border with Bolivia, according to data from the US Geological Survey. The quake was registered at 10:40 GMT. The epicentre is 73 kilometres northeast of the city of Calama, home to m

Chess The Teacher Salary to Become BGN 1750?

The average gross teacher salary is expected to become about BGN 1750 in 2021, Milena Damyanova, chairman of the Education Committee said. The growth of salaries in the field of education is unprecedented for the state budget and at the moment the average gross tea

Chess Europe without Petrol and Diesel Cars after 2030?

Denmark and 10 other EU countries have called for the creation of a European strategy for the gradual decommissioning of diesel and petrol cars, including allowing the ban of sales at member state-level by 2030 to combat climate change, Reuters reported. . Denmark

Chess National Protest by Medical Professionals

The main demand is for a decent salaries. They demand a minimum wage of BGN 900 for healthcare professionals in municipal hospitals; BGN 950  for the employees in the university hospitals and respectively BGN 1100 and BGN 1200  starting salary for the doctors. O

Chess US Will Not Support Turkish Operation in Northern Syria

US will not support Turkish operation in northern Syria, the White House said. US troops will not participate in Turkey's military operation in northern Syria, according to a White House press release after a telephone conversation between US President Donald Trump

Chess The Dutch Government Has Decided to Stop Describing Itself as Holland

Authorities believe the country's image needs to be renewed, as the Netherlands associates tourists mainly with drugs and Amsterdam's "Red Light District". The rebranding process has started and the promotion of the Netherlands name will be enforced at upcoming in

Chess Considerable Cloudiness Today, Rain in Some Places in Southern Bulgaria

Considerable cloudiness is expected today, later into the day and overnight, rain is likely in some places, mainly in southern Bulgaria, meteorologist Georgi Tsekov of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) told Focus News Agency. Frost will

Chess Electric vehicles are being outpaced by the growth of SUVs

Public support for EVs has to be won before carbon reduction targets can be met

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